Purpose of This Blog: An Invitation to Lively and Thoughtful Deliberation

This blog was created to provide an electronic venue where people who are interested in the future of and governance of Cedar City, Utah can engage in important “community dialogue.” This electronic venue may not appeal to all people, however, we hope to encourage a critical mass of people to join the dialogue. We hope that people will feel free to share their thoughts, ideas, questions, concerns with each other. Hopefully, together we can begin to influence the direction of our collective future. We anticipate that this blog could be used to discuss, organize, and find solutions to problems that we collectively face. Finally, many of us don’t have time to attend every city council meeting, county commission meeting, planning commission meeting, and every other public forum/meeting where our future is being hammered out. Therefore, we hope that this electronic forum can be another venue for discussing our future and current issues faced in our city. We hope our discussions will be lively, respectful, thoughtful, and stimulate deliberations that move us towards community solutions.

Do you have thoughts on how this blog can help us make our city better?


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